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Slip Ring Assemblies

Product group Slip Ring Assemblies

Conductix-Wampfler industrial slip rings provide the solution to transmit electric power and electrical signals from stationary to rotating units in all types of machines like revolving cranes, rotating purifiers in sewage or water treatment facilities, carrousels, manipulators, wrapping machines, radar and antenna dishes, theatre stageswind turbines as well as in cable reels.

Our fully developed and versatile standard program facilitates to assemble slip ring assemblies with any number of poles. Current ratings up to 1200 A and voltages up to 24 kV are possible. The range in size for the slip ring assemblies starts with 30 mm up to 360 mm diameter and lined up to 100-poles.

Slip ring assemblies can be supplied either as open, “non-enclosed” types for special customer adaptations, or totally enclosed with high impact plastic or galvanised steel housing even for hazardous locations. Additional rotating couplings are available for fluids or gases and  fiber optic swivels can be integrated.

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