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Inductive Power Transfer IPT®

Product group Inductive Power Transfer IPT<sup>®</sup>

Inductive Power Transfer IPT® is a system that makes it possible to transfer power and digital data without mechanical or electrical contact and opens many possibilities to designers requiring mobile electrification systems that depend on high speeds and absolute resistance to wear.

IPT® is the first large scale contactless power transfer system which has revolutionized the way all kinds of moving machines may be supplied with electrical power. Based on the known principle of electromagnetic induction and developing it further to meet modern industrial needs, Conductix-Wampfler has achieved a technological breakthrough in the field of electrification. IPT® uses state of the art engineering and design, and combines Conductix-Wampfler's long experience in industrial applications.
In addition to power transfer, reliable  data transfer is indispensable in a modern material handling solution. iDAT is an inductive  data transfer system which ensures that signal spread is defined very precisely and does not interfere with other radio-controlled systems and is not effected by them.

IPT® Rail systems have a protruding primary track arrangement, in which an E-Pickup envelopes both track cables from several sides. Used primarily in rail mounted applications.

IPT® Floor systems with primary track cables embedded in the floor or other surface, and used with flat F-Pickups. Used primarily with surface running vehicles.

IPT® Charge is an inductive coupling system which provides automated, that is fully intervention free, and efficient battery charging for all kinds of vehicles, for instance electric cars and buses, industrial trucks and most other similar vehicles.

The IPT Rail System installation for a Skillet System"IPT Floor" for the elctrification of Automated Guided VehiclesSorters at Airports are mostly energy supplied with the IPT Rail System from Conductix-Wampfler

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