New energy supply system for the Bukit Panjang LRT light rail line in Singapore

AC System, 3 Phases + 2 Ground Rails

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Conductix-Wampfler will modernize the energy supply system as part of the general overhaul of the Bukit Panjang LRT high-speed rail line in Singapore. Bombardier's electrically operated light rail system operates fully automatically over a distance of almost eight kilometers. Conductix-Wampfler was already responsible for the existing energy supply system and thus has the necessary know-how for smooth modernization.

Before the conversion begins in 2020, service technicians from Conductix-Wampfler in South East Asia will analyze the condition of the existing energy supply system with the support of experts from the USA. For this, the proven PRIAS system (Power Rail Impact Analysis System) is used: A vehicle is temporarily equipped with sensors, IR camera and GPS and travels the entire route, identifying areas where excessive impacts and/or current draw could reduce the service life of the collector shoes or damage the rail. PRIAS displays the problem areas on color-coded maps so that system corrections can be made. Conductix-Wampfler will manufacture the conductor rail for the Singapore project at its plant in Harlan, Iowa, USA. In addition to supplying the conductor rails, the order also includes insulators as well as technical support and supervision of the installation. The modernization project is expected to be completed in 2024.