Trenchguard cable-protection system for Turkish ports

200 and 400 meters Super TGS400

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Conductix-Wampfler is set to equip the GEMPORT and NEMPORT container ports in Turkey with the Trenchguard cable-protection system. “The solution protects feeding cables for moving equipment in ports and enables highly productive and flexible work flow in handling procedures", according to Giulia Manganotti, Product Manager at the Conductix-Wampfler Center of Excellence in Agrate, Italy. Cables, which are reeled off from motor driven cable reels and laid in a channel, are not only protected against mechanical stress, but also against environmental conditions, spillages, and other materials and objects that can enter the channel. “The continuous, flexible belt is laid over the channel immediately after the crane has passed, without limiting the traversing speed of the crane,” is how Manganotti describes a further advantage.

200 meters of Trenchguard® Super TGS400 with channel going to Gemlik

Port operator GEMPORT GEMLİK Liman ve Depolama İşletmeleri A.Ş is developing the port facilities at the GEMPORT container port in Gemlik, near Bursa. To date, four STS container cranes have been in operation, for which Conductix-Wampfler already supplied the motorized cable reels, the spreader cable reels, the cable-festoon systems, and 750 m of Trenchguard TGS400 for the new container-port facility in 2013. “Conductix-Wampfler will be providing an additional 200 meters of Trenchguard Super TGS400 and the associated channel by the end of 2017 for the extension of the quay facilities by 200 meters,” says Utku Karaarslan, Sales Engineer at Conductix-Wampfler’s sales-and-marketing organization in Istanbul.

400 meters of Trenchguard® Super TGS400 with channel going to Aliağa

By early 2018, Conductix-Wampfler will be delivering 400 meters of Trenchguard Super TGS400 with channel for the NEMPORT container port in Aliağa, near Izmir. “We will also be accompanying the installation as the supervisor,” says Karaarslan. The cable-protection systems will then be protecting the cables for two STS container cranes over a long-distance run of 400 meters for the new quay facilities of the operator NEMPORT Liman İşletmeleri ve Özel Antrepo Nakliye Tic. A.Ş. “Our good relations and the close proximity to the customer, fast response times, and our onsite service support also convinced this Turkish port operator of our ability to deliver,” enthuses Karaarslan.