New General Manager at Wampfler Australia Pty Ltd.

Conductix-Wampfler Australia

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Michael Eckle has been managing Wampfler Australia Pty Ltd. since January 2006 / predecessor Ivor Watt has gone into retirement

Weil am Rhein, February 2006. Michael Eckle is the new manager of Wampfler Pty Ltd., Australia since January 2006. The company, headquartered in Brisbane, is a 100% subsidiary of the Wampfler AG, one of the leading manufacturers of systems for energy and data transmission to mobile consumers. An official farewell ceremony has been held for the previous general manager, Ivor Watt, by Stefan Ziegler, the chairman of the board of management of the Wampfler Group.

The 37-year-old Michael Eckle started his career at Wampfler in 2001 as a project manager at the group’s head office in Weil am Rhein. In 2003 he switched over to our Australian subsidiary, where he promoted the development of Wampfler Australia together with Ivor Watt. Besides their Australian customers Wampfler Pty Ltd. also serves their neighboring countries New Zealand and Papua New Guinea. The staff is composed of 14 people in sales, project planning and service, who advise companies of various sectors, such as mining, surface mining, ship loading terminals, crane technology, logistics and automotive.