Fiber & Cable Production

Conductix-Wampfler offers machinery for the Fiber & Cable Production

Fiber optic and conventional cable makers are very much concerned with manufacturing efficiency and cost optimization. Worldwide competition in the cable market is fierce, which puts significant pressure on cable selling prices. The costs of cable raw materials fluctuate widely, which further adds constraints. Cables designs have become more complex and are more specific to the application. Manufacturers are seeking designs that are different from the others and that can integrate more functions. For example, they seek cables that are compact, yet more durable, wear resistant, and chemically resistant. At the same time cable buyers want to carry more data and more power. Manufacturers of the cable making machinery must follow suit with machines that are very reliable and more flexible, as well as easy to operate and maintain. Cable makers cannot afford to have production stoppages or product losses. Cable making equipment must improve productivity, reduce power consumption, and optimize material utilization. Fewer, more efficient machines can reduce the plant space required. Lastly, cable machines must be ergonomic to reduce labor costs and to insure safety for production staff, while avoiding any interruption in production.

For more than 40 years, Conductix-Wampfler has met our customers’ expectations through the design and manufacture of innovative fiber optic and cable machines. Our machinery is recognized worldwide for its perfect tension control, high speed operation, and excellent traversing. We are close to the market and routinely adapt standard equipment to each customer’s unique needs. We are also at the forefront of new product designs to meet new requirements. In spite of market price pressure to do otherwise, our quality has never been reduced and we keep tight control on our integrated mechanical, electrical, and PLC design. Moreover, we carefully select our suppliers and make sure of the reliability of each part used to manufacture our equipment. We offer machinery for Bare Optic Fiber Production, Fiber Optic Cable Production and for Copper Cable Production.

康稳提供光缆及电缆制造的机械Conductix-Wampfler offers machinery for the Fiber & Cable ProductionConductix-Wampfler offers machinery for the Fiber & Cable ProductionConductix-Wampfler offers machinery for the Fiber & Cable Production

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